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At the Auction

Auction Overview

When: Saturday August 4th, 2018 at 10am


The Lonnie Toensfeldt Junior Livestock Auction takes place once a year at the Santa Clara County Fair. The following live animals are sold: turkeys, chickens, rabbits, pigs, lambs, goats, and cattle. The animals are sold on a per pound basis during a live auction. The highest bidder wins and will accrue all costs that go along with buying that animal.  

How to Become a Buyer

In order to become a buyer you need to sign up through the Santa Clara County Fair. You may do this is person the day of the auction or ahead of time by clicking the button below! When you sign up early you will receive 2 tickets for admission into the fair and your buyer number will be ready for you to pick up the day of the auction at the clerks table. 

If you are already a buyer:

Go to the clerks table the day of the auction to pick up your bidder number and auction program. 

How to Buy an Animal

After you register as a buyer, you will be able to buy an animal through the live auction! You will need to pick up an Auction Order Catalog (at the registration table the day of the auction) to see what animal(s) you will be bidding on. When your animal enters the ring, you will be able to bid on it by raising your hand. Be careful because this is a live auction and the auctioneer will be taking bids very quickly so pay attention!

Keep in mind that these animals are being sold on a per pound basis.

Example: You bid $4.75 for a 265 lb pig. You will pay $1258.75 for the animal.

You can add-on! Click below for more details!

Don't want to buy but want to contribute?
What to do After You Buy the Animal

Once you buy the animal, it will leave the ring to go back to its pen. You will be given some paperwork that will ask you for your information and what you would like to do with the meat. You have three options for Large Animals (Steer, Lamb, Goat, Pig):


Transportation and harvesting of small animals (Rabbit, Chicken, Turkey) is the responsibility of the exhibitor so you will go through them for all processing. The fair will take care of transporting and harvesting all large animals (pigs, sheep, goats and cattle). This means there is a processing fee that goes along with large animals that is accrued by the buyer. The fee for pigs, sheep and goats is $50.00. The fee for cattle is $95.00. This fee will show up when you cash out at the clerks table. 

What's there to Eat?


All who attend the auction are treated to a pancake breakfast the morning of the auction.

Sponsored by: Campbell FFA Ag Boosters

Lunch & Dinner

If you purchase an animal you are invited to the buyers lunch & dinner. Entrance is granted with your receipt of purchase.

Lunch Sponsored By: Freedom Meat Locker

Dinner Sponsored By: Santa Clara Cattlemen's Association

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