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Add-ons allow a buyer to contribute money to an exhibitor without actually buying the animal. A buyer may add on to any number of exhibitors.

Something important to note is the fair does not take any percentage from add-ons. So the exhibitor will receive the full amount of the add-on. (The fair does take a small percentage of the per pound price the animal is sold for. That money goes into putting on next year's fair.)

How to Add On

When you get to the auction you can pick up an add on form from the clerks table located to the right of the auction block on the grass.


On that form you will:

- put the lot number of the exhibitor you wish to add on to (find lot numbers in the auction book found at the clerks table.)  

- put either a price per pound or flat rate add on. (ex. $1.00 per pound or $50.00)

You may turn in your form at any point during the auction to the clerks table. Please refrain from calling out add-ons to the auctioneers during the live sale of the lot, instead please write all add-ons on the form provided. 

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