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Youth Exhibitors

Below is a cost calculator to help exhibitors see what they need to make at the auction in order to break even on their costs. 

Animal Cost Calculator

If you wish to figure out your exact breakeven price do the following equation:

cost of project/weight of animal=breakeven price per pound

*The Misc Expenses price should include items like medicine, fair entries, supplies, bedding, etc.


*The breakeven price is based off of the following weights:

swine - 270 lbs

lamb - 130 lbs

goat - 95 lbs 

steer - 1300 lbs

Marketing Your Animal

A big part of fair is getting your animal sold and selling through the Auction is the easiest and most convenient for you and your buyer.


Click the button to the right see a sample buyer letter!

Fill out the form below and your name and info will be added to the list for buyers to contact you! 

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